"There wasn’t as much French as we were expecting" - Macleans.ca

“There wasn’t as much French as we were expecting”

Heritage Minister says he was disappointed by the predominance of English at the Opening Ceremonies


Federal Heritage Minister James Moore says Friday’s Opening Ceremonies in Vancouver could have used a little more je ne sais quoi. “They were beautiful, they were spectacular on television, but there should have been more French,” Moore told the CBC. “I was disappointed there wasn’t as much French as we were expecting, as we were told that there was going to be.” Of course, there was some French used at the eleborate ceremony—VANOC chairman John Furlong delivered parts of his speech in French;  Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean officially opened the Games in French and then in English; and speed-skating referee Michel Verreault took the Officials’ Olympic Oath in French. But Moore says he expects the Games to be “entirely bilingual.”

Montreal Gazette

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