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Tiger Woods doctor is charged with smuggling, doping

Famed Toronto doctor faces 20 years in jail


A prominent sports medicine doctor—whose clients have included Tiger Woods, Alex Rodriguez, and the Toronto Argonauts—faces 20 years in jail. Dr. Anthony Galea of Toronto is well known in the professional sports world for his use of “platelet-rich plasma therapy,” a “blood-spinning technique” which speeds recovery from injuries. Now, authorities allege that Galea smuggled actovegin, a derivative of calf’s blood that is not approved for medical use, across the U.S border for use on professional athletes. He is also accused of practicing in the U.S (on Major League Baseball and National Football League players) without a license. Perhaps most shockingly, he is accused of illegally injecting HGH “drug mixtures” into athletes. The charges follow an eight-month FBI investigation into the Toronto doc. Galeo prescribed anti-inflammatories to Alex Rodrigues last year, in addition to treating Tiger Woods.

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