Tories and NDP neck and neck on election eve

Either party could form a minority on election day: poll

A new poll conducted by Forum Research shows the Tories and NDP in a virtual dead heat, with the possibility of either party forming a minority government, the Hill Times reports. Poll results suggest that if the Conservative party is unable to form a majority government, the NDP and the Liberals could form a sustainable coalition without the support of the Bloc Québécois, or find another arrangement that could undermine a minority Conservative government should Harper lose another confidence motion. The survey, conducted on Sunday, shows the Conservatives at 35 per cent support among decided and leaning voters, with the NDP at 33 per cent, and the Liberals at a 19 per cent. Seat projections based on the poll results have the Conservatives at approximately 147 seats, only four more than the number the Tories won in the 2008 election. “Voting realignment like this comes only once in a generation,” said Forum Research president Lorne Bozinoff.

The Hill Times

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