Trouble with voter turnout? -

Trouble with voter turnout?

Catalan Socialists compare ballot casting to orgasm


There’s only one thing as good as voting, according to the local Socialist party’s youth wing in the eastern Spanish region of Catalonia, and that’s sex. The party recently launched a campaign video equating voting with orgasms ahead of the Catalan elections. The video shows a young woman who finds casting her vote such a turn-on she can’t help reaching a peak of excitement in front of some bewildered polling officers. The goal of the voting climax ad campaign is to entice disillusioned young voters to cast a vote for the region’s beleagured Socialists. The video wasn’t successful with everyone, though. The rival Catalan nationalist Convergence and Union coalition criticized their opponent’s video as “filth”, while the conservative People’s party accused the young socialists “of using women and attacking their dignity”.

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