U.S and Iran hold first meeting in decades

Seven nations come together to discuss Tehran's nuclear program

It was only a quick chat, one that took place at a lunch break on Thursday. Nevertheless, it represents the first direct meeting between the United States and Iran in almost 30 years. U.S Under Secretary of State William Burns met with Tehran’s chief negotiator on Thursday, at the seven-nation talks in Geneva. Delegates are meeting in Geneva to discuss Iran’s nuclear program, as well as the revelation that Iran has been hiding an underground nuclear facility from foreign observers. Iran stresses that its nuclear enrichment program is being used for domestic energy purposes. But Western leaders fear Tehran intends to produce nuclear weapons. The permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany will reportedly try to persuade Iran to end its program. However, the United States has already indicated it is considering new sanctions on Tehran, an indication, perhaps, that the it believes the talks will fail. Washington severed ties with Iran’s Islamic Republic in 1980.

CBC News

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