U.S. swaps pyramid for plate as guide for healthy eating

First Lady announces creation of MyPlate, replacing decades-old food pyramid

In response to rising rates of childhood obesity, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced Thursday that the food pyramid nutritional diagram will be replaced by a simple plate. The idea is that the pyramid was too complex and that a plate diagram will be easier to understand. U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama made the announcement, asking: “when it comes to eating, what’s more simple than a plate?” Called MyPlate, half the diagram – which represents the portions of a recommended daily diet – is taken up by fruits and vegetables. The other two quarters of the plate consist of grains and protein, while a small circle symbolizing dairy products sits next to it like a glass of milk. The U.S.D.A. has already spent $2 million creating and promoting MyPlate. Some critics are saying the money could be better spent elsewhere.


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