UAE says it campaigned against Canada at UN

Opposition to Canada's Security Council bid rooted in trade policy, support for Israel

A United Arab Emirates official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, has revealed that his country lobbied against Canada’s bid for a UN Security Council seat. The revelation is the latest blow to relations between the two countries, which have soured over a dispute about airline landing rights. (Canada recently refused to allow more flights for the fast-growing carriers Emirates and Etihad, prompting the government in Abu Dhabi to retaliate by forcing Canada to leave a military base used to supply Canadian forces in Afghanistan.) The UAE official claims the opposition was based on Canada’s “protectionist” trade policies and perceptions that Ottawa does not sufficiently support Arab causes, including efforts to ease the Israeli restrictions on Palestinians in Gaza. While it’s unclear how much the UAE could have swayed UN sentiments against Canada, the country carries influence because of extensive international business ties.

Washington Post