UN mission looks for human rights abuses in Libya

Gaddafi's attacks on Misrata intensify

Members of a UN fact-finding mission arrived in Triopli on Wednesday to search for evidence of alleged human rights abuses, including “indiscriminate bombing of civilian areas, civilian casualties, torture, the use of mercenaries and other questions of the sort,” the delegation’s leader, Cherif Bassiouni, told reporters. Meanwhile, pressure on the rebel stronghold of Misrata has increased as pro-Gaddafi forces began mortar attacks on the western side of the port city. Before this week, only the eastern side of the had been attacked. Hospital records from last week show that at least 300 people have been killed in Misrata from fighting in the past two months, though locals suggest the number is higher. In other news, Italy has reversed its decision not to participate in NATO air strikes and says it will now send four Tornado jet fighters to support the coalition.

BBC News

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