University of Victoria declares war against feral rabbits

1,200 rabbits to be captured, relocated or euthanized

Overrun with rascally furry friends, the University of Victoria announced Monday plans to kill or sterilize and relocate 1,400 rabbits that have taken over the campus. Only 200 rabbits will be allowed to stay on university grounds, with 50 in each of four “rabbit control” quadrants. The surplus rabbits will be removed by a contractor using traps and will be sterilized and relocated or euthanized. Community members who wish to accommodate sterilized rabbits can apply for a permit from the Ministry of Environment. The university’s Feral Rabbit Management Plan evoked mixed reactions when it was released on Monday. A pilot program failed because rescue organizations were unwilling to have their property and cages inspected to ensure ministry specifications were met, but the university has already been approached by one facility approved by the Environment Ministry which has room for 20 rabbits.

Vancouver Sun