Up for air

Greetings, PotterGoldsters:

Some of you might have noticed that my blogging has been exceedingly light over the past few months; probably the lightest period of blogging since I started blogging for This Magazine seven years ago.

There was a reason for it: I’ve had a long-outstanding book due for a publisher in Canada and the US, a project on the culture of authenticity and the modern search for meaning. I submitted the manuscript yesterday, thanks to my fantastic agent, encouragement from my editors and — it has to be conceded — a fairly significant threat. As the saying goes, it isn’t that I work best under pressure; I work only under pressure.

Anyway, there is lots more work to be done before the book sees the light of day, but I should now be able to find time to blog. More importantly, I should be able to find time to read and think about things to blog about.

On thing I’ve wanted to do for a while is start a book club on this blog. Joe Heath has a book coming out very soon that I’m really excited about. Maybe we’ll read that first.

Meanwhile, see you all Monday.