Violence erupts in Kingston, Jamaica -

Violence erupts in Kingston, Jamaica

11 killed as security forces close in on drug lord’s stronghold


Parts of Kingston, Jamaica are under a state of emergency as troops and police forces attempt to close in on Christopher “Dudus” Coke, a drug lord wanted by the United States. Security forces are attempting to regain control of an area known as Coke’s stronghold and on Tuesday began searching the Tivoli Gardens district. Holding up Jamaica’s end of a bilateral treaty—which compels Jamaica to respond to the U.S. request to apprehend Coke—search teams have been going from house to house in search of the notorious drug lord, who is wanted on drugs and gun-running charges. Jamaican High Commissioner in London, Anthony Smith Johnson, told the BBC the violence is limited to one square mile of Kingston. “It’s a small area, and they do have it surrounded, and the rest of the city is going on about its business,” he said.

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