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Waiter claims Kevin Spacey got him fired

Actor went “ballistic” after being told to butt out


A waiter who claims actor Kevin Spacey got him fired for telling him he couldn’t smoke has gone public with his story at RadarOnline.com. Peter Turner says the restaurant’s manager told him to tell the Oscar-winning actor and his companions to stop smoking in the high-end Clarke Cooke House in Newport, Rhode Island, last June because it violates state law. Turner says he approached the table three times, even making a joke, saying: “You’re not allowed to smoke in here unless you’re on fire.” Spacey went “ballistic” he says, telling the waiter, “I need you to get the f*** away from my table,” and “You’re an aggressive prick.” Three days later Turner was fired over the phone. Turner, an aspiring actor, says he’ll never go to a Spacey movie again, adding: “If I’m ever offered an acting role against Kevin Spacey I hope I’m paid a lot more money than him.”

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