We walk the streets at night … we go where eagles dare …

Fear not, readers — despite the fact that MPs have absconded from the Hill to spend the next two weeks in the riding, pestering constituents over whether they’re up for a spring election, ITQ will not be going dark for the duration of the Easter Break.

Posting may be light today, however, due to a concentrated effort to conserve the necessary energy to provide minute-by-minute coverage of tonight’s byelections — although I warn you, it may end up being a liveblog of me flipping between Newsworld and CTV NewsNet if I’m not able to find a livebloggable results-watching party. That, by the way, is proving to be far more of a challenge than expected, due to the fact that it’s also St. Patrick’s Day, but I’ve not given up hope just yet.

Also, before I forget, I’ll be making a rare journey Outside The Queensway tomorrow for a conference on politics and technology – which, as anyone who knows me can attest, are two of my very favourite things in the universe – in Toronto. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to liveblog from there – although really, you’d think that if there was any event that would be wifi-friendly, it would be this one. The organizers, however, are encouraging participants to twitter it up, which could be … interesting. I’m not sure what the official channel will be, but for anyone who wants to follow my feed, you can do so here.