When Grits turn to Blue-skying

Tim Naumetz has a good piece in this week’s Hill Times, in which various Chretien-era Liberals note that the second Mulroney majority was a blessing of sorts: the absence of any possibility of an election gave the party the breathing room and time to rejig itself. Would it have been easier for the Liberals if Harper had won a majority? Perhaps, but as Wayne Easter says, what might have been good for the Liberals would have been a disaster for the country:

“I don’t think people really understand how much this guy, Stephen Harper, has turned this country backwards in so, so many areas. This place [Parliament] has become a very, very bitter, divisive place. If you oppose these guys on anything, then you’re the enemy.”

(Now is the time for everyone to repair to the discussion boards to grind the usual axes. Keywords of the day: “Fixed election date law”.)

Related: I have a column over at the OC about the upcoming Big Think conference the Liberals announced last week.

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