"You're a punk"

New Brunswick Liberal MLA suspended 3 days

Abel Leblanc, the New Brunswick MLA who blew a gasket in the legislative assembly and flipped off a fellow member (see our video of the day), has been handed a three-day suspension. “I’m gonna tell you, Dale [Graham, Tory MLA for Carleton], I’ll walk outside with any one of yas here,” LeBlanc shouted toward the Progressive Conservative side. “Don’t ever laugh at me. Yes, I gave you that [middle-finger salute]. And I’ll give you that again. And I’ll give you this if you want to go outside. You’re a punk!” Leblanc was immediate removed from the legislature on Thursday for refusing to apologize for his tirade and politicians moved a motion on Friday morning that LeBlanc would be suspended for a period determined by Speaker Roy Boudreau. The MLA for Saint John Lancaster will lose his pay for the duration of the suspension.

CBC News