The search for Anne Frank’s betrayer

Canadian author Rosemary Sullivan’s new book describes the six-year investigation into how the Nazis learned about the Amsterdam annex where the Frank family hid during WWII

’If I had known what it meant for a woman to invade a man’s world I wouldn’t have been able to face it’

Agnes Macphail, the first woman to be elected to the House of Commons, on sexism in politics and daily life
The once-ragtag Canadian Corps’s capture of Vimy Ridge, led by British Lt.-Gen. Sir Julian Byng, was a signal achievement (Universal History Archive/UIG/Getty)

How Canada earned the world’s respect

The Canadian Army was created from almost nothing. Training, leadership and grit made it indispensable to the effort to win the First World War.
Operation Jubilee by Patrick Bishop

Canadians paid the price for British mistakes in Dieppe, says British historian

In his book Operation Jubilee, military historian Patrick Bishop offers a retelling of the raid during the war in 1942 and its cost to Canadian lives
A photograph of William Kyle's Dakota C-47 aircraft that crashed on 21 June 1945. (Photograph by Shelby Lisk)

How an RCAF airman’s watch solved a 50-year mystery

The discovery of F.O. William Joseph Kyle’s watch led Veterans Affairs Canada—and his family—to where his plane went down during the Second World War
First Spring Tent, 1978, by Napatchie Pootoogook Lithograph 51.3 x 67.5 cm (Courtesy of Dorset Fine Arts)

Our ancient ancestors may have been more civilized than we are

A new book offers a version of history in which we lived for thousands of years in large and complex societies without kings or cops
Children suffering from tuberculosis sleep outside at London hospital in November 1932 (Fox Photos/Getty Images)

A look back at the never-ending nature of epidemics

The more we learn about pathogens, the clearer it becomes that we’ll never escape them
Fung Ling Feimo at the Ogden building. (Photograph by Colin Way)

A doorway to a hidden past in Calgary

A building on Ogden Road in Calgary has a rare link to the history of the city’s Chinese community. But its future hangs in the balance as it finds itself in the path of the proposed Green Line transit system.
Miniature crosses planted last year in memory of the elderly who died from COVID-19 at a long-term facility in Mississauga, Ont., summoned the image of war cemeteries in Europe. (Nathan Denette/CP)

We are now in the ’Hundred Days’ we hope will end the pandemic

Canadians have gone through something akin to war, and the end is in sight. But history tells us the last months can be the cruelest.
Mi’kmaq Elder Labrador (right) and his daughter, Melissa, repair a traditional birchbark canoe at his home in Conquerall Bank, N.S.(Photograph by Darren Calabrese)

The Mi’kmaq artisan who had a hand in building Lunenburg’s famous Bluenose

Mi’kmaq Elder Todd Labrador’s great-grandfather constructed the schooner’s mast hoops, an effort only now being recognized