Rapid-Fire Politics: What was Trudeau's biggest win in Washington?

For the most significant announcement in D.C., John Geddes looks north—way north

The Trudeau-Obama Super Bowl—sorry, official visit—is over. The dishes from the White House dinner are washed and stacked, the dresses and tuxes are back at the dry cleaners and the Prime Minister’s jet is on the way home. In diplomacy, substance and style are often the same thing, and there was no shortage of style during the PM’s trip to D.C. So on that score—making an impression, generating media, and deepening ties with Canada’s most important trade partner—the trip was a smash.

Still, the policy details matter. What was the most important moment of true substance? What was the most over-rated success?

Evan Solomon and Maclean’s Ottawa bureau chief John Geddes sort through those questions in their weekly round of Rapid-Fire Politics.

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