'Abandoned' in Africa; Bike-lane backlash

Who’s suing whom

'Abandoned' in Africa; Bike-lane backlash

Jean-Marc Luneau/ Getty Images

British Columbia: A middle-aged Victoria woman is suing two denture product companies, claiming their goods caused her to experience tremors, pain and difficulty walking. Both PoliGrip and Fixodent contained zinc, though her lawyer claims their instructions didn’t tell users how much to use. Excessive zinc consumption can interfere with the absorption of copper, and a copper deficiency can cause neurodegeneration. After taking medical leave from her job, the woman is now working reduced hours. In February, PoliGrip’s maker announced it would reformulate the product without zinc.

Alberta: An Edmonton man is suing the German airline Lufthansa for $86,000, claiming that, after booking a flight to Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo, he was flown instead to Gabon’s capital Libreville and “abandoned.” Without an entry visa, he was detained by police, the statement of claim states. Three days later he was able to leave for Kinshasa but says that his luggage didn’t make the trip. No statement of defence has been filed by the air carrier.

Manitoba: The construction of a bike path on Winnipeg’s Assiniboine Avenue has caused headaches for local businessmen. Now, a group of them are suing the city to get the work stopped. During the development, the city changed the direction of several streets in the area. The businesses say the result is traffic gridlock, which has impeded access for emergency vehicles and hurt business income. The $120,000 bike lane will likely be finished before they get a court date.

Ontario: A Cambridge man says he’s the rightful owner of a $21.5-million winning lottery ticket and is suing a convenience store owner who claimed the ticket and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. for the money. The saga started in July 2006 when the man checked a ticket at a store and, he claims, was told it wasn’t a winner. The lottery corporation is reviewing the lawsuit.

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