Who's suing whom

Our semi-regular round-up of the strange cases winding their way through Canadian courts

British Columbia: The Vancouver Park Board is suing a Langley farmer, alleging that he auctioned off 16 goats he adopted from Stanley Park’s petting zoo when it closed last year, “some or all of them” possibly going to slaughterhouses. The board says the conduct of the hobby farmer, who sells meat for human and dog consumption, “was calculated, harsh, reprehensible and malicious,” in breaching an adoption agreement to look after the animals for the rest of their lives.

Alberta: A food-service operator at Edmonton’s Rexall Place is suing a former bartender for $1 million, alleging he removed two bags of money from a vault. Despite making a modest salary, the man allegedly racked up more than $400,000 in credit card bills, including trips to Toronto, London, and Beijing, tickets to Taylor Swift and Jerry Seinfeld shows, and a bill from the Waldorf Astoria Hilton in New York and other extravagances.

Ontario: A University of Ottawa undergraduate student is suing his union for its mandatory $93 fee. The student says he is claiming his money back because he objects to funding the union to engage in political causes, such as the Occupy Ottawa protest, the postal workers’ strike and the Quebec student strikes. “They claim to represent all students, yet they take political positions I don’t agree with,” the 22-year-old chemistry major told the Ottawa Citizen. “If I wanted to save the whales and save the postal workers, I’d do that in my spare time.”

Quebec: A Montreal woman is suing her osteopath alleging that her arm had to be amputated after receiving treatment for a neck strain. In the summer of 2010, the woman claims her hand went black and became paralyzed the day after visiting the osteopath. The woman was rushed to the hospital, where doctors found a blood clot in her shoulder, but even after four surgeries, her left arm had to be amputated above the elbow. The woman claims that if she had been told to go to the doctor earlier, she’d still have her arm.