Who wants to marry a Senator's son?

Sen. Larry Smith will feature in an episode of The Bachelor, starring his son Brad

Andrew Francis Wallace/Toronto Star; Photograph by Marianne Helm

While Justin Trudeau, son of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau, was attempting to put the moves on the country last week, Brad Smith, son of Conservative Sen. Larry Smith, was putting the moves on a bevy of young women as the star of The Bachelor Canada. It is difficult to say which of the two scions is nicer to look at.

Smith, a CFL free agent, is the star of the first Canadian version of the successful American TV franchise.

In the premiere episode, Smith was presented with 25 single women, nine of whom were dismissed before they had a chance to get comfortable in the Bachelor mansion. Smith, suitably square-jawed and broad-shouldered, will spend the next few weeks whittling down his options until only one potential future Mrs. Brad Smith remains. The official previews promise generous amounts of crying and drama.

Sen. Smith will also feature in a future episode—presumably when the final girls are brought home to meet the parents. Larry Smith was appointed to the Senate in December 2010 on the recommendation of Stephen Harper. He stepped down temporarily to run as the Conservative candidate in Lac-Saint-Louis, Que., last year and was reappointed to the Senate after finishing third. The senator is a former player, executive and commissioner in the CFL.