Who's most in need of a vacation?

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British Columbia: Just 24 per cent report high confidence in the RCMP (that’s 11 percentage points below the national average and the lowest of any province). Nearly a quarter of those surveyed said they would also feel uncomfortable reporting inappropriate conduct by RCMP members to the Commission for Public Complaints.
The Prairies: Farmers here are more pessimistic than a year ago, with 53 per cent saying “things in agriculture are off on the wrong track” (31 per cent responded the same way in 2009). Some of their biggest concerns include the price of wheat (91 per cent), the cost of farm inputs (91 per cent) and transportation costs (86 per cent).

Manitoba/Saskatchewan: Fifty-seven per cent in these two provinces have a retirement income strategy, well above the national average (48.5 per cent). Atlantic Canadians are the least prepared—just 27.5 per cent have a plan.

Ontario: Sixty-four per cent of Ontarians agree that if other provinces and U.S. states allow mixed martial arts and ultimate fighting competitions, their home province shouldn’t be any different.
Ontarians are also most in need of a vacation, with half of survey respondents reporting that they feel vacation-deprived. Twenty-seven per cent of Ontarians do not take their full vacation time (compared to 24 per cent of all Canadians).

Quebec: Quebec has the country’s highest percentage of webcam users among those online (63 per cent). Overall, 56 per cent of Canadians use a webcam to stay connected.
Atlantic Canada: Led by Fredericton, where 37 per cent of employers plan to hire, this region has the strongest hiring climate for the third quarter of 2010.

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