Jagmeet Singh's response to the 2020 Throne Speech: Full transcript

The federal NDP leader said, "I know that COVID-19, has exposed a lot of problems...Justin Trudeau has been in power before with a majority government and hasn't made these things better."

I know that you’re worried. I know that you’re worried about your kids going to school. I know that you’re worried about paying the bills. I know you’re worried about your jobs. I know you’re worried about your loved ones and our elders in long-term care homes. I know you’re seeing the numbers rising and you’re worried about a second wave. I want you to know that like we’ve done throughout this pandemic, we see you, we hear you, and we’re going to keep fighting for you.

I know that COVID-19, has exposed a lot of problems, but these aren’t new problems. A lot of them existed before the pandemic. And Justin Trudeau has been in power before with a majority government and hasn’t made these things better. With health care, we knew their health care system wasn’t there for people when they needed it and we needed to do better with universal pharmacare and dental care. Well, Justin Trudeau just promised again to do it, but he’s had six years to deliver something and has not done it. We know that we need to do better to take care of each other, a better social security—social safety net. And it’s not good enough to just say the words we need to actually see the actions. I know people need childcare and COVID-19 has impacted women disproportionately and we need to invest in a recovery that actually supports child care that’s universal.

We need to be serious about tackling it and create jobs while we make investments. I know people are worried about how we’re going to pay for all of this.

I know it’s not your fault. You know, workers that have lost their jobs, small businesses that are struggling. You shouldn’t have to pay for this pandemic. Those who profited off the pandemic should be paying the price. And I know Liberals are afraid to say the words. Let’s say it clearly: we need a wealth tax. The wealthy must pay their fair share. Those at the very top.

I want you to know, since the beginning of this pandemic, when we saw people were being excluded, when people were being missed out, we fought for you. When we saw students were missed out entirely, we fought for students. We fought for people living on disabilities, living with disabilities. We fought for seniors. We fought to make sure people got the help they need. And I know that we need to continue to fight. I want you to know that moving forward, we’re going to continue to fight to make sure you get the help you need. We’re gonna be there for you. Thank you so much for supporting New Democrats. Because New Democrats were elected by you, we were there to fight for you when you needed it.

And as we did already, we look will continue to fight for you.

Canadians have shown that when we take care of each other. We all rise. Thank you.