Maclean's 5 Newsmakers of the Year

The most fascinating people and stories of 2009. Plus, scandals, apologies, twits, heroes and more

Newsmakers of the year

The Celebs-in-Chief

Angela Merkel

Lost boy, forever

Patient zero

The contender

Other Newsmakers articles

Political Yearbook: Ottawa’s hall monitor, gossip girl, head cheerleader and more

Twits of the Year: The buffoons and boneheaded moves of 2009

Lingo: Kate Gosselin’s hair cut got its own phrase, as did Michelle Obama’s pipes

This year’s hero: Reluctant star, David Shultz

The year in apologies

The year in quotes: World edition

Wheels of fortune: Winners and losers in a big year for the auto industry

Comeback: Afghan Taliban

Breakup: Frank Stronach and Opel

U-Turn: Stephen Harper

Merger: Figure skating and hockey

Rogues: The Blingsheviks

Winner: Mr. Turnaround, Tim Geithner

U-Turn: Stephen Harper

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