Newsmakers: Animal house

Family and home turf matter in the wild kingdom

AuroraWhen it rains, one English mistle thrush blows up her body to block a gutter too close to her nest of chicks.

Henry, 111, a tuatara, seduces Mildred, 80, at a N.Z. museum, then welcomes 11 offspring.

A homesick kangaroo breaks a window to enter an Australian house. Owner wrestles the ’roo out the door.

Chimp drives off zoo visitors from his enclosure with rocks, forcing a Swedish official to confiscate hundreds of stones.

Madagascar’s frog population doubles with discovery of 200-plus new species.

Beluga Aurora gives birth to baby girl in Vancouver Aquarium, which posts the video on YouTube.

Two male penguins in a German zoo take on parenthood by hatching an abandoned egg.

The Queen stops breeding her beloved corgis after seven generations of the ankle-biting terrors.

Rescuers trying to free U.K. pony from its marshy home find it wasn’t sinking— it just had short legs.

Once a month, Little Lil lays an egg twice the normal size at the school where she lives.

Lemurs are among hundreds of animals “laid off” by the Bronx Zoo, which is hunting for new homes for them.

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