The Canada Day Quiz, Pt. 1: You vs Canada's Smartest Person!

In this first part of our special Canada Day quiz, we test your trivia skills on everything from speedy Canadians to political marriages


Welcome back to the Maclean’s Quiz, a diversion designed to test your trivia skills. Good luck, and remember: no Internet assistance allowed.

We’ve also invited ‘Canada’s Smartest Person,’ Peter Dyakowski, to take the quiz. Dyakowski is a lineman with the CFL’s Hamilton Ticats, and also bested the competition in CBC’s ‘Canada’s Smartest Person’ contest in 2012.

For this special Canada Day round, we tested him on everything from speedy Canadians to political marriages. He scored 70 per cent. “It looks like attending an American university has hurt my Canadian trivia skills a little,” he joked about his lower-than-normal score.

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Twitter: @A_R_Trivia


You can also follow Peter Dyakowski on Twitter: @PeterDyakowski