Daily Trump Tracker: A ratings battle with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Also, Trump gets blunt with House Republicans on the Obamacare repeal vote—and Ivanka's getting some office space in the White House

Repeal Obamacare—or else

Donald Trump had some straightforward words for House Republicans on Tuesday, according to Politico: vote for the controversial bill to repeal Obamacare or risk losing their jobs come midterm elections in 2018. Considering how unpopular the new bill is among many conservatives, the final vote tally will be close.

Ivanka’s moving in

Ivanka Trump could soon find herself working out of the White House, as the president’s daughter is reportedly getting security clearance and an office in the West Wing. She’s long been an adviser to her dad, but then again, she’s not actually a government employee—no matter how often she’s spotted in public with other world leaders.

Grilling Gorsuch

Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court vacancy, spent his second day of Senate confirmation responding to questions about how he’d rule on the president’s controversial travel ban—if the case were to reach the Supreme Court. Gorsuch managed to avoid answering the question, but he did say that just because Trump tapped him for the job doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t be willing to stand up to the president on his rulings if need be. “No man is above the law,” he said.

Ratings battle

Trump once joked at a National Prayer Breakfast that everyone should pray for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ratings on The Apprentice, as the former movie star wasn’t drawing in huge viewership to Trump’s former show. So when polls came out that Trump’s approval rating is down in the 30s, Schwarzenegger had some words for Trump.