Do it for the Bieb—vote

‘Bieber’s too young to vote, yet whoever we elect will impact his future and ours’

Chris Pizzello/AP

Is there anything Justin Bieber can’t do? After rising to the top of the music industry, he is now entering politics. Well, sort of.

To increase voter turnout in the upcoming mid-terms, Campus Progress, a spinoff of the Center for American Progress, has created a “Do It For Bieber” video to encourage viewers who are too young to enter the voting booth to ask their friends and relatives to get out and vote. “This isn’t your standard election-year video of celebrities asking you to vote,” the ad starts. “It’s us, asking you to vote for celebrities who can’t, celebrities like Justin Bieber. Bieber’s too young to vote, yet whomever we elect will impact his future and ours.”

The ad has been the subject of light-hearted attacks and backlash. The Washington Post called it the “worst political ad ever,” saying it will motivate “one group of Americans who really shouldn’t be voting to go out and bludgeon their well-meaning relatives into electing people for strange reasons.” Critics have also noted that Bieber is Canadian and couldn’t vote anyway.