How party leaders spent their summer vacations -

How party leaders spent their summer vacations

There wasn’t much rest for the weary for Canada’s four national leaders


Summer’s a wonderful time to travel. Stephen Harper spent a few days in the north, as he does. Justin Trudeau passed some time in the mountains. Tom Mulcair took a trip to France. Elizabeth May spoke at 17 town halls in a month. The men and woman who lead Canada’s national parties found themselves on the road from the moment Parliament rose in June to the moment they carved a turkey over Thanksgiving weekend.

Our interactive map shows you which towns and cities were worthy of the prime minister’s time, and where opposition leaders looked to impress audiences across the land. Markers are coloured by party: Harper is blue, Mulcair is yellow, Trudeau is red, and May is green. (UPDATE: If we missed any events, we’re adding them. You’ll notice more green dots on the map since we first published.)

The northern prairies didn’t see many party leaders, nor did most of northern Ontario. Mulcair and Trudeau fought for the attention of the biggest cities, while May dotted the country evenly. There were outliers: Trudeau toured interior British Columbia, untouched by his competition. Mulcair toured coastal New Brunswick, and was the only leader to do so. May was alone in visiting Salt Spring, B.C., an island town in her riding.

Want to scroll through a list of all the leaders’ travels? Voila.