Justin Trudeau’s sunny ways

The Liberal leader explains his economic agenda

The Liberal party’s latest adventure in YouTube is a seven-minute video sent to delegates ahead of this week’s convention in Montreal.

The French version is a minute-and-a-half longer.

The Liberal line, briefly alluded to in this video, that Stephen Harper has presided over the lowest economic growth since RB Bennett doesn’t obviously tell us anything except that Messrs. Harper and Bennett happened to be prime minister when the global economy went into the dumps.

(And while we’re on the topic… Mr. Trudeau’s suggestion last week that “the commitment needs to be a commitment to grow the economy and the budget will balance itself” (see Mr. Trudeau’s interviews here and here) and the Conservative attempts to attack said suggestion (see here) might raise a few fun questions. Is the federal budget currently in a structural deficit or would the budget eventually return to balance if economic growth returned to normal levels? What amount of spending restraint and reductions are required right now and how durable are the cuts that have been made so far?)