22 Minutes parodies Daft Punk at Mike Duffy's expense

'Daft Tories' spoof is the show's second Senate parody in a week

This Hour Has 22 Minutes is on a satirical tear. The show’s spoof of Lorde’s hit song, Royals, took the Canadian political world by storm last week. Now, 22 Minutes spoofs Daft Punk’s Get Lucky with their own rendition of Get Duffy by—you guessed it—Daft Tories. Today, the Senate votes on a motion to suspend the PEI senator, and his colleagues Pamela Wallin and Patrick Brazeau, without pay. Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who appointed all three senators, favours the suspensions.

A sample of the parody’s lyrics: He’s gone too far / He’s exposed who we are / So let’s say ay revoir / To our old superstar


What’s that? You want to listen to Daft Punk’s actual super-catchy song? Okay. Watch below.

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