A challenge reconsidered

Stephen Harper is apparently no longer interested in a one-on-one debate with Michael Ignatieff.

Mr. Ignatieff, on the other hand, seems to remain quite interested. A statement from the Liberal campaign:

“I look forward to debating the federal party leaders on April 12 and 14.  I am disappointed, however, by the broadcasters’ consortium’s decision to exclude Green Party Leader Elizabeth May from the debate. The Liberal Party of Canada advocated for her inclusion in negotiations with the consortium.

“Now that the broadcasters’ consortium has chosen their dates for the multi-party debate, I reiterate my challenge to Mr. Harper: I am ready and willing to debate him one-on-one – any time, any place. Mr. Harper expressed his desire to debate me as the leader of the only party that can replace him in government.  All that remains is to agree upon a time and place – and many respected potential hosts have offered to assist.

“A one-on-one debate with Mr. Harper should not replace multi-party leaders’ debates. A real debate is needed, however, on the different visions of leadership between the only two people with a real opportunity to become prime minister of this country at the end of this election.”

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