And tonight Mr. Cosh is topping the bill -

And tonight Mr. Cosh is topping the bill


If you haven’t noticed yet, please give a warm welcome to Colby Cosh of Edmonton, who’s our latest addition to the blogging roster. He’ll also be writing for the magazine. Most of you already know Colby from the National Post and other venues. His blog will speak for itself and, in any case, defy easy categorization: he writes about everything with authority; he thinks his own way around issues rather than pulling handy cant down off the Handy Cant Rack; he’s politically conservative, most times, but (a) writes a lot about issues that have nothing to do with party politics (b) wears no party’s team jersey. He is not “our replacement for Kady.” Of course there can be no such creature in any case. He is simply a welcome new voice.

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