Andrew Scheer will take your questions (away)

The Speaker puts the leader of the opposition in timeout

As seen here, Thomas Mulcair ran afoul of the Speaker yesterday afternoon. First, he suggested the minister of democratic reform was “dim.” Second, the NDP leader declared the Conservatives were trying to “cheat” with the Fair Elections Act. And third, after being told explicitly to avoid the c-word, Mr. Mulcair both challenged the Speaker and used the word again.

With that, Speaker Scheer cut off the NDP leader and moved on to the next MP on the list and thus was Mr. Mulcair prevented from finishing his third intervention and entirely prevented from asking a fourth and fifth question. (Under the current setup, the first five questions go to the official opposition.)

Both Mr. Mulcair and Mr. Harper used the c-word two weeks ago to cast aspersions on each other’s side, but apparently the Speaker is now applying a ban on the aspersion.

A short while later, Pierre Poilievre aimed the c-word in Mr. Mulcair’s direction and the Speaker cut off the minister. Conservatives were then only called on twice to answer questions, rather than the three questions that Conservative MPs usually receive.

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