Anonymous Mavericks Watch

Some number of anonymous Conservative backbenchers express disenchantment to John Ivison.

There is a widespread feeling on the backbenches that they have been taken for granted. A number say they are fed up being told what to do by “kids in short pants,” young enough to receive their briefing notes in phonics … Now it sounds like a group of Conservative back-benchers are talking about flexing their own muscles by voting against government legislation, if they don’t approve of it. “We haven’t decided on any particular bill yet,” said one MP … there is a sense that the Prime Minister and the select band of courtiers around him have gone too far in concentrating power in the PMO.

This is intriguing, but to what end? David Wilks had some independent thoughts once too, but he decided the omnibus budget bill wasn’t a battle he was prepared to pick. What battle are these anonymous Conservatives willing to pick?

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