Attention NDP: In case y'all didn't catch the end of Jim Flaherty's scrum ...

From today’s Globe and Mail:

NDP MP Joe Comartin, whose Windsor, Ont., area riding includes many unemployed auto workers, said the government’s bill – and the NDP’s support – will be short lived unless the government agrees to NDP amendments.

“Unfortunately for communities like mine, the auto sector generally as well as forestry are going to be pretty extensively, if not completely excluded from being able to access the extended benefits under this bill,” he said.

Mr. Comartin said the bill applies only to people who first applied for EI in 2009, leaving out those who lost their jobs at the start of the recession.

Peggy Nash, the president of the NDP who also works for the Canadian Auto Workers, agreed the bill must be changed.

“Is it enough? Absolutely not,” she said in an interview.

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s response, when asked whether the government would be open to amending the bill earlier today:

“We don’t plan to amend the bill.”

Over to you, NDP.