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Average Canadians fear change


Further to my earlier post looking at the most and least “average” ridings in Canada, here’s what went on in the ridings where unemployment is around 6.6%, households get by on roughly $46,500 a year and about 21% of your neighbours came to Canada from abroad:

  • London–Fanshawe (ON) | NDP hold
  • St. Catharines (ON) | Conservative hold
  • Hamilton Mountain (ON) | NDP hold
  • Laval–Les Îles (QC) | Liberal hold
  • Kitchener Centre (ON) | Conservative win, Liberal loss
  • Niagara Falls (ON) | Conservative hold
  • Honoré–Mercier (QC) | Liberal hold
  • Laval (QC) | Bloc Québécois hold
  • Kildonan–St. Paul (MB) | Conservative hold
  • Alfred-Pellan (QC) | Bloc Québécois hold

And in places like Nunavut and Toronto Centre, where people wear hats on their feet and hamburgers eat people:

  • Papineau (QC) | Liberal win, Bloc Québécois loss
  • Scarborough–Agincourt (ON) | Liberal hold
  • Toronto Centre (ON) | Liberal hold
  • Markham–Unionville (ON) | Liberal hold
  • York West (ON) | Liberal hold
  • Humber–St. Barbe–Baie Verte (NL) | Liberal hold
  • Bonavista–Gander–Grand Falls–Windsor (NL) | Liberal hold
  • Random–Burin–St. George’s (NL) | Liberal hold
  • Nunavut | Conservative win, Liberal loss