Brent Rathgeber's worries about gerrymandering

A Conservative MP who worried about political interference

Brad Trost says he has no problem with the message the Conservative party was phoning into Saskatchewan, even if hasn’t actually heard it.

Back in August, Brent Rathgeber explained why he wasn’t going to be commenting on the riding boundary review process.

I have publically stated that it is inappropriate for Members of Parliament to actively lobby for or against a particular electoral map or configuration.  This has both an ethical and a practical aspect.  Ethically, I believe that MPs, who intend to run again, are in a complete conflict of interest when lobbying for or against a certain boundary configuration and therefore ought to recuse themselves from a conflict, real or perceived.  If I were to make a submission to the Boundary Commission, which if accepted, assisted in a narrow electoral victory, certainly allegations of gerrymander would follow thereafter.

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