A company town unites for the Politics & The Pen gala

Political types celebrated the height of Ottawa's social calendar

Every company town needs a highlight on its social calendar. For political Ottawa, this is it. Last night’s Politics and the Pen gala brought politicians, authors and Parliament Hill types to a Château Laurier ballroom for a swanky-dress evening to benefit the Writers Trust of Canada. Joseph Heath’s book Enlightenment 2.0 won the night’s big prize, the $25,000 Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing. Before that, the night’s hosts, Treasury Board President Tony Clement and CBC Radio 2 host Tom Power, traded jokes and tunes (Power plays mighty fine banjo; Clement owns a guitar). And at every moment — before the dinner, between courses, and long into the night — there was the schmoozing. The reflexive, constant schmoozing.