Dewar on winning -

Dewar on winning


Paul Dewar sketches his plan for building the NDP.

Set up a commission to organize around ‘Ideas for Progress’ so that we can build upon Jack Layton’s final letter to Canadians and create what Stephen Lewis described as the “manifesto for social democracy”. This commission would include Canadians from different walks of life, including the arts, labour, academia, business, agriculture, environmental organizations, poverty groups, women’s rights organizations and others. It would allow greater access and involvement for Canadians in the development of our policies and planning.

Develop regional outreach plans, including a Western Strategy to reach out to new voters in Western Canada. Create Civil Society Outreach teams, led by MPs, to listen and share views, and coordinate with allies to advance progressive policies and build electoral support for winning the next election. Hire a youth organizer to work with campus clubs, youth groups and civil society organizations to organize young Canadians on college and university campuses, at high schools, workplaces and communities across the country. Implement an outreach strategy to New Canadian communities to increase diversity in our party membership and organization.

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