Gender equality and democracy

Paul Dewar wants to restore the per vote subsidy, but link it to gender equality.

Under Dewar’s plan only parties running a slate of at least 50% women candidates would be eligible for the full $2 per vote financing. Parties running 40-49.9% women candidates will receive $1.75/vote and parties running 30-39.9% would receive only $1.50/vote. Parties that are unable to run at least 30% women candidates on their slate would not qualify for public financing.

By Alice Funke’s numbers, the NDP led all parties with 40.3% of nominees being women in the last election. Under Mr. Dewar’s system, they would’ve been the only party to qualify for the $1.75 rebate. The Greens, at 32.8%, would’ve qualified for the $1.50 rebate. The Liberals (29.2%) and Conservatives (22.1%) would’ve failed to qualify for anything.

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