'I think the controversy has created a good teaching moment'

Elizabeth May explains, at length, her feelings about electromagnetic radiation.

When I was first attacked and lambasted for expressing concern about various forms of pollution and human health, I was young and the attackers were brutal.  I was worried about things like Agent Orange.  Health Canada wasn’t.  I was concerned about lead in gas, but it was hard to get the government to act.  I worked to get certain pesticides banned, but they were “safe” right up to the day they were banned … There is no scientific consensus on EMF and health. But, it is equally not possible to make the claims many of Twitter have made today that Wi-Fi and cell phones are all proven “safe.”

Jonathan Kay notes that one of Ms. May’s wifi-related tweets yesterday was sent from her BlackBerry. Relatedly, Mike Moffatt takes the Green Party to task for its position on smart meters.