Icarus to the white courtesy taxpayer-funded phone ...

I guess this answers the lingering question of whether Ryan Sparrow still has a desk in the Conservative Research Group bunker (emphasis added):

Conservatives Launch Ad Campaign Ahead of Liberal Atlantic Caucus

‘When Canadians are worried about the cost of living, the last thing they need is a massive new permanent carbon tax that will drive up the cost of nearly everything’

(Halifax, Nova Scotia) – Today, the Conservative Party launched an advertising campaign to warn Nova Scotia taxpayers about being fooled by Stéphane Dion’s permanent new carbon tax which will destroy jobs and drive up the cost of everything.

The campaign will consist of radio ads that coincide with the start of the Atlantic federal Liberal caucus in Digby, Nova Scotia. […]

The campaign is being funded by voluntary donations from Conservative supporters in Nova Scotia and across Canada.

– 30 –

For more information contact:

Ryan Sparrow
Director of Communication
Conservative Party of Canada
(613) 996-5084

Hey, at least the party is paying for the ads, right? Although you’d think with all those voluntary donations flowing in from Conservative supporters in Nova Scotia and across Canada, they’d be able to spring for an official CPC cell phone for the Sparrow, rather than force him to come perilously close to doing party business on the public dime.

Also, it’s probably worth noting that the CRG entry in GEDS hasn’t been updated since the fin de Buckliecle: Kory Teneycke is still there, as are several members of the entourage who have followed him to PMO Communication-with-no-S-and-don’t-get-me-started-on-that-Jane-Taber-item-in-Saturday’s-Globe.

PS – Yes, I’ve been away for days – but I’m back and fully refreshed and reinvigorated. Hopefully, it’s not been so long a hiatus for a mass debookmarking by regular readers.