I'm sure EKOS means "TORIES ARE THE PARTY OF MEN AND THE OVER-65s" in the best possible way (36/25/19/12/8)

Apologies to the ITQ Comment Club for the delay in posting the latest delivery of sweet, sweet pollcrack from our early morning dealer:

National Federal Vote Intention

Conservatives – 36 (-1)

Liberals – 25 (+1)

NDP – 19 (-)

Green – 12 (-)

Bloc Quebecois – 8 (-)

Regionals, analysis, fine print here. Included today are the second-choice results – the NDP is in the lead at 19, closely followed by the Liberals at 17, the Greens at 15 and the Conservatives at 10. Does that mean that the Conservatives are hitting the ceiling, as far as being able to attract swing voters? Or do they even need them at this point, given the 11 point lead? Somehow, I have a feeling y’all will let me know what you think in the comments.

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