James Lunney v. Evolution (II)

The Nanaimo Daily News would like to speak with James Lunney.

Lunney’s brief speech contained references to controversial theories espoused by Robert V. Gentry, a creationist, Seventh-day Adventist Church member and nuclear physicist. Gentry concluded, after studying radiohalos, microscopic zones of damage found around radioactive crystals in rock, that the rock must have been formed in minutes, not the generally accepted millions of years. Gentry’s theory, discredited as pseudoscience by the mainstream scientific community, has spawned a new field of study for creationists who take the story of Genesis literally.

Lunney also made reference to plate tectonic and fossil evidence theories some Christians consider proof of creationism. He gave the speech in Ottawa at 2:10 p.m. Eastern Time but has been unavailable for comment since then, despite repeated calls.