Jonquiere-Alma now has two MPs

The NDP assigns one of their remaining MPs to mind the riding

As they did when Lise St. Denis went to the Liberals, the New Democrats have assigned one of their remaining MPs to mind Claude Patry’s riding.


JONQUIÈRE — NDP Leader Tom Mulcair made it clear today that the people of Jonquière-Alma can continue to count on New Democrats to represent them in Ottawa.

The NDP will respect the choice of those who voted for change in the last federal election, by standing up for the region and holding the Conservative government to account.

“I have asked my colleague Dany Morin (Chicoutimi-Le Fjord) to bring the concerns of local residents to the House of Commons,” said Mr. Mulcair. “To do politics differently means to fight cynicism. Only the NDP is in a position to replace the Conservative government in 2015.”

Mr. Morin made news shortly after the last election with an odd answer about Quebec sovereignty. No reports (yet?) that the New Democrats are making calls into the riding.

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