Just remember to give one to everyone in class!

Okay, maybe it’s the jetlag (from Toronto) but this amused me. From the Liberal War Room, with love: 

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mr. Harper

OTTAWA – At a rally in Guelph, Ontario today, Stephen Harper encouraged Canadians to vote for his party on February 14.

“Friends, on February the 14th, in a time of global economic instability, I want you to ask Canadians – I want you to ask your friends, your neighbors, your colleagues to choose the only party that has a prudent and proven plan.”

We don’t think that this is a question of language for Mr. Harper since he delivered this early valentine in English. We are sure Mr. Harper would like to clarify for Canadians that Election Day is actually October 14, since when you’re running a trillion-and-a-half-dollar economy, you don’t get a chance to have do-overs.

Don’t worry, Mr. Harper, misspeaking in an election campaign is common. We’re sure that no one will question your competence and qualifications to be Prime Minister just because you got the election date wrong by four months.

And may we be the first to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day, Mr. Harper.

A video clip can be found at:

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