Justin Trudeau and Jose Canseco discuss the Montreal Canadiens

This is why Twitter was invented. To bring people together.

When the Ottawa Senators scored late in tonight’s game with the Montreal Canadiens to tie the score, Justin Trudeau was displeased.

Merde! #GoHabsGo

This was retweeted by National Post columnist Bruce Arthur, who is followed by former baseball star Jose Canseco, who then directed a tweet at Mr. Trudeau.

hey buddy @JustinTrudeau habs or leafs?

Mr. Trudeau responded.

.@JoseCanseco Sorry bud, as long as the #Habs are still in, they’re my team. Then it’s whatever Canadian team is left.

Mr. Canseco then attempted to continue the conversation.

@JustinTrudeau blue and white for me buddy #leafs .what should we do about rod ford @tomayorford?

As of this writing, Mr. Trudeau has not commented on what they should do about “Rod Ford.” But Mr. Canseco does now credit Mr. Trudeau with his knowledge of French swear words. Also, Mr. Canseco seems to think that, given the electoral significance of Ontario, Mr. Trudeau might consider supporting the Leafs.

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