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NDP convention: ‘Governing in an Inclusive and Fair Canada’

Idle No More, aboriginal education, electoral reform and science


The resolutions passed by New Democrats today during the convention’s third panel.

5-05-13 Resolution on Idle No More
Submitted by the Aboriginal Peoples Commission

WHEREAS years of inaction and broken promises from successive liberal and conservative government has led to severe social injustice and shocking poverty in too many communities

WHEREAS as a consequence we are witnessing an historic and growing grassroots movement joining Indigenous peoples and other Canadians in a long overdue conversation

BE IT RESOLVED that the New Democratic Party continues to work towards building a new relationship on a nation-to nation basis with First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples

BE IT ALSO RESOLVED that the NDP engages with grassroots Aboriginal activists who are calling on the government of Canada to repeal legislation like omnibus bill C-38 and C-45 that diminishes environmental protections of land and water and affect Aboriginal and Indigenous rights and title

5-01-13 Resolution on Aboriginal Education
Submitted by the Longueuil—Pierre Boucher

WHEREAS despite the unanimous adoption of the NDP motion “Shannen’s Dream” by all political parties in the House of Commons, the situation of schools on reserves is still alarming; and

WHEREAS Aboriginals also have the highest school dropout rates in Canada;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the New Democratic Party will continue to work towards the realization of “Shannen’s Dream” with First Nations leaders to guarantee First Nations children access to the same standard of education as other Canadian children.

5-02-13 Resolution on Electoral Reform
Submitted by Toronto-Danforth

WHEREAS the current federal electoral system contains major shortcomings generating a significant democratic deficit;

WHEREAS the decline in voter turnout in federal elections in the last twenty years in Canada is worrying;

WHEREAS any electoral reform process must include the study of all relevant experience with an electoral system that includes both proportional representation and MPs directly elected in ridings;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the federal New Democratic Party reaffirm its desire to reform Canada’s electoral system by way of a system that combines proportional representation and direct election of Members of Parliament from constituencies, that is to say, through a version of mixed member proportional (MMP) representation that is adapted to Canada.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the NDP reaffirms its longstanding electoral commitment to such reform and its firmly held belief that Canadian voters must approve such reform.

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED THAT the federal NDP’s Critic and Deputy Critic for Democratic and Parliamentary Reform should consult widely in communities across Canada before the next federal election.

5-03-13 Resolution on Innovation, Science and Technology Policy: National Science Strategy
Submitted by Burnaby Douglas

WHEREAS science requires sustained, consistent and predictable investment, and failing to do so undermines long-term innovative potential;

WHEREAS science includes all major scientific fields of inquiry, including engineering, the social sciences and humanities;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the NDP consult widely with scientists, researchers, businesses, postsecondary institutions, provincial, territorial, and First Nations leaders to reverse the damage done by Conservative policies and cuts, and move Canada to the forefront of the global knowledge economy by developing a Made in Canada National Science Strategy;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the NDP move to match the percentage of GDP invested by the public and private sectors in research and development (GERD) as found in other global leading countries such as the United States