'No decision has been made'

If last night’s sketch did not sufficiently enlighten, the full transcript of last night’s inquiry into government’s defence policies—including the surrealist zen sentence that is this post’s title—is now online. Of all the exchanges contained therein, this was perhaps most entertaining.

Matthew Kellway: Madam Chair, that is two times the government made a decision to purchase the F-35 that we all know about. However, there is a third one, at least, that goes back to July 15, 2010. I know. I have seen pictures of the Minister of National Defence hopping in and out of the cockpit of the F-35 jet and announcing at a press conference on that very day that the government had made a decision to buy the F-35, 65 of them in fact. Could the government please confirm that actually happened?

Julian Fantino: Madam Chair, if I may again, I would like to remind the member that no decision has been taken. We are awaiting, as recommended by the Auditor General, the response to his concerns with regard to various issues. A secretariat has been put in place to develop independent response and validate those answers. No decision has been taken. I do not know how many more times I have to keep repeating that.