OAS: Show your work

While the projected savings from raising the age of eligibility remain unexplained, the Parliamentary Budget Officer again says Old Age Security is currently sustainable and the Harper government is refusing to disclose a 2007 draft report into the policy implications of demographic changes.

In his March 20, 2007 budget, Flaherty promised to release a report later that year that would “provide a broad analysis of current and future demographic changes and the implication of these changes for Canada’s long-run economic and fiscal outlook.” … However, Flaherty did not release the report when he issued his fiscal and economic update on Oct. 30, 2007. Since then, it has never been clear what happened to the report.

Earlier this year, Postmedia News requested a copy of a draft or final version of the report. The department said it has three documents, totalling 211 pages, in its files. But the department refused to release them, citing sections in the Access to Information Act which allow the government to deny public release of information involving “advice or recommendations” to a minister, and materials involving cabinet confidences which are excluded from disclosure under the Act.